Star wars fanfiction anakin seizure

Can Shmi's bond with her son prevent his fall to the dark side or only accelerate it? Set 1year post TPM and beyond. Author's Notes: This was an idea that came to me, so I thought I'd write it. The story will explore the bond between Anakin and his mother and what influences she has on his life. This doesn't necessary mean he is safe from the Dark Side Oh no His emotional attachment to his mother had made it difficult to train him to let go of his attachment to her.

Ever since leaving his mother behind in slavery on Tatooine, the young boy had struggled to forget the one who had brought him up, to move on with his life and focus on the path of a Jedi. Anakin Skywalker was not a normal Jedi apprentice. He had not been raised in the Temple from birth. He had not been a Youngling. Instead he had been born into slavery on an outer-rim world, and by luck or the Forcehe had been discovered by a Jedi Knight who had been forced to make an emergency landing on the desert world that he had called home for the first nine years of his life.

At nine years old he had been too old to begin his training and had been turned down by the Council. It had only been the re-emergence of the Sith and Anakin's exploits during the battle of Naboo that had prompted the Council to reverse its decision. The apprentice of the Jedi that had discovered Anakin had promised his dying Master to train him, and Obi-Wan Kenobi's insistence to keep that promise had also overturned the original decision.

A year into his training and Anakin Skywalker hadn't settled despite his best efforts to do so and his Master's help in guiding him. Now the young Knight stood before the Jedi Council, without his Apprentice's knowledge, for he had an idea that might help his young charge if it was granted, though the no attachments rule would prove problematic as Obi-Wan's idea meant that special circumstances would be created for Anakin that were not approved for anyone else.

But Anakin was supposedly the Chosen One, said to bring balance to the Force. He had to be trained, there was no doubt about it, but his inability to settle had hampered his progress, and Obi-Wan was frustrated that his attempts to teach the boy was falling on deaf ears. He considered himself a failure. He shouldn't have been training Anakin. Technically, as a new Jedi Knight, he should not have taken a Padawan and the boy wouldn't officially be his Padawan until he was thirteen. The general rule was that he should have settled into his role as a Knight for a few years before considering taking a student but Anakin had been thrust upon him by his promise to his deceased Master.

He didn't mind that he had done that, the boy was incredibly gifted but as a new Knight with no experience in the field, how could he be expected to train someone adequately?

Anakin had learnt a lot in his first year, that couldn't be denied but he felt that if other issues were addressed, he would have more success in teaching the young boy, and he hoped that the Council would consider his request and not flat-out deny it because it would be in violation of the Jedi Code that they had all sworn to upon entering the Order though most Younglings didn't make that oath until they had been selected as a Padawan by a Knight or Master at the age of thirteen.

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Anakin had taken the oath two days after the Battle of Naboo though the title 'Padawan' wouldn't be granted to him until his thirteenth birthday.

Obi-Wan Kenobi stood in the centre of the Jedi Council, taking a deep breath, composing his words to make the request that he was certain would be denied to him.

But he had to try. The small green Jedi was one of the most respected Jedi in the Order, no one could fool him. Obi-Wan had his suspicions that Master Yoda already knew what he wanted to ask. Obi-Wan bowed to the room at large.

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It concerns my apprentice. He has… struggled to find his place. He has made a lot of progress in a short space of time but he remains out of touch with his fellow initiates, possibly due to his upbringing and his emotional attachment to his mother.

I do not believe that we can simply make him ignore this attachment he has.Obi-Wan sat up, the blanket falling around his waist.

star wars fanfiction anakin seizure

He tilted his head, his bed-head hair falling about his shoulders. Anakin stared, slightly transfixed by the loose strands. Most of the time, Obi-Wan wore his hair slicked back, so seeing it like this was different.

Anakin was struck by the sudden desire to run his hands through those strands. He started, not know where those thoughts had come from. Anakin stared at him for a moment, not comprehending, before realizing he was talking about Anakin's nightmare. Anakin nodded, looking down. He bit his lip slightly, and blinked away tears at the memory of his nightmare. She had been in pain, and Anakin didn't know how to stop it.

Screams- red, probably blood. He covered his mouth and shut his eyes tightly. He couldn't think about it or it might come true. Don't worry, it'll be alright. Anakin nodded against Obi-Wan's chest and smiled a little, his tears slowing. Master Obi-Wan always made things better if he could. And if he couldn't, he did his best. It would be okay. The council was stubborn and didn't seem to realize that it was a terrible thing to let someone die, even if it was just one person.

I'm really happy you managed to convince them. He was going to see his mother. To make sure she was okay. Obi-Wan rolled his eyes at the happy grin on his padawan's face. He was happy for his padawan, of course, but he needed to calm down. Obi-Wan tilted his head back and listened to the currents of the force. Shmi Skywalker was going to be hurt Obi0Wan smiled.

Anakin was going to be happy to see Shmi alive. They just had to get there before he combusted. Then we couldn't see mom!Heyo guys!

Today has been kinda busy, but I ordered a little clone action figure on Amazon today, so yah! He's only three inches tall and even though he hasn't been delivered yet he is my best friend. So anywho, here's a short little fanfiction about Anakin and Ahsoka! Hope you are all doing just great and I hope you enjoy! Ahsoka was a good learner, and she seemed to soak things up like a sponge.

star wars fanfiction anakin seizure

That was a good thing. If she saw Anakin demonstrate a combat move or piloting maneuver, she could mimic it almost flawlessly.


She'd quickly learned all of the terms used over the coms and though she chose not to use them very often, was able to learn standard protocol terms too. She'd even picked up a bunch of clone slang and could to talk with them like she was one of their own, calling people shinies and non-friendlies almost every chance she got.

But some of the things she picked up on were not so good, Anakin was about to realize. It was a regular afternoon day at the temple. Anakin and Ahsoka had been given a small leave from the battlefield, and Ahsoka was taking this as an opportunity to finish some homework in the library. She looked at one of the questions, reading it quietly to herself. She wasn't really sure about that one. So naturally, Ahsoka gathered up all of her stuff and made her way to Anakin's quarters.

Ahsoka laughed at her own joke before knocking on Anakin's door. Master, could you help me with this? The only response she got were some muffled noises that sounded like they were coming from a TV. Door's unlocked. Ahsoka opened the door to see him sitting on his floor in front of his TV, rapidly pressing buttons on a video game controller.

Ahsoka walked in slowly as she took a look at what he was playing. There was an animated podracer on the screen, zooming around a track. The podracer went around a sharp turn and into a cave, twisting around obstacles. It's the coolest ever. He paused the game and put down his controller.

He read the words on the datapad. Electric judgement I think he calls it. Do you remember what that's called. Good job. But she just stayed there, staring at his video game.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Anakin Skywalker Light Side. Focus: Movies Star Wars, Since: Stories about Anakin Skywalker's light side. Looking for staff members. If you're interested, please send me a PM. Sidious is dead, Anakin didn't fall, and the Republic won the war. Life is good, for a while… at least until Obi-Wan starts having some disturbing visions of voices speaking to him.

Anakin and Padme have their hands full with seven children, and all the challenges that come along with parenthood. Drowning by Mistress Eden reviews A unique twist on the Padme's is alive idea. Fixing A Hole by seirios aster reviews The only thing worse than getting stuck in the past is getting stuck in the past and having to follow your father who happens to dislike you around. It could be worse. Brothers in all but blood by Kheyra Amidala Skywalker reviews In Mustafar's lava hills, Obi-Wan knows that to strike Anakin down will burn his own heart to ash, but he is willing to do what he must.

Or so he believes. When he finds out that he is unable to fight Anakin, he turns off his lightsaber and chooses a much more deadly weapon: words. With unexpected consequences. The twins attempt to save Anakin very early on. The Shadows of the Sith by amthyst-fire reviews Abandoned Story though it is finished. In process of rewriting. Afterward, Anakin discovers emotional wounds can cut even deeper.

He and Padme are faced with many challenges. Can their love, and their lives, endure it all? The Legacy by sohna reviews The AU story of a very different attack on the temple, told from the point of view of a dead padawan's mother. Anakin does not turn in this story.

The night following Anakin's meeting with Palpatine at the ballet, Sam jumps into Anakin to save him from turning to the Dark Side. AU for both series. Quantum Leap time conflict explained in story. The Edge of Blackness by Poet reviews Anakin takes a dangerous gamble with his life to get out of his pain.

However Anakin gambled wrong and spent a month in a coma. Now he must rebuild his life again. Full summary of the story in Chap1.Post "Shadow Warrior", slight AU, some spoilers. He is unconscious when they bring him out, throwing him unceremoniously into the mud at her feet. She kneels, rolls him over.

His tunic is charred, the flesh of his abdomen burnt. His breathing is shallow; she presses her head against his chest and hears an irregular heartbeat. Jar Jar joins her at his side, looking worried - she remembers, Anakin is his friend too. She recognizes the effects of a Force pike, the cruel weapon used by Separatist magna guards; saw herself what Dooku had ordered done to her husband, had heard his screams.

She doesn't know how long it went on before she'd made contact, and doesn't know how long it continued after she'd disconnected, but she knows if she hadn't made the decision she had, Anakin might be dead now. Surely he'd forgive her. A Gungan physician and a Clone medic run over, gently maneuvering her out of the way. She resists, keeping close, watching them inspect Anakin, watching them cut open his tunic, stick electrodes to his chest. Watches them pump yet more electricity into his body to get his heart beating at a steady rhythm.

Padme nods, clenching and unclenching her fists. She knows Jar Jar is right, but she's seen Anakin hurt too often in the past few months. She worries that he's not going to be able to take much more, that even with all of his power and strength, his body can't handle the trauma being inflicted on it.

She takes a breath and follows as the medics move Anakin back towards the base, determined to remain by his side for as long as she can. They tell her bacta won't help, besides with the burns, that they just have to wait for his neural functioning to restore, for his body's own electrical currents to override the foreign ones disrupting his system.

They can't transport him to a hospital in Theed; it's too far away, and he's not stable enough. The closest medical facility is Gunga City, so that's where she finds herself, surrounded by beauty but unable to see past her husband's pale features. She sits by his bed and makes calls. The first is to the Council; she explains what she has done, and feels shame, because she knows none of the other Jedi - Anakin included - would have made the same selfish decision.

Obi-Wan promises to come help clean up the mess, but she knows it's more because he wants to be at Anakin's side as well. When Anakin wakes, he is in pain.The story starts with a 15 year old Obi-Wan and continues into his early twenties. This story is darker than my usual tales. Be advised.

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Geri K: I suspect you're right, unless Qui-Gon is able to get Obi-Wan to shift his perspective, things will likely get a lot sadder. I am truly taken aback by your attention to the nuances and details of the franchise as well as my attempts to imbue these beloved characters with my own wicked twists while still retaining the essence of the men we so love.

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In this chapter, Obi-Wan's relationship with Qui-Gon does change significantly, but perhaps not as you would expect You must see it! The Council, implacable as ever, chose to ignore the outburst. Yoda closed his eyes, stretching his senses along the currents of the Unifying Force.

When he opened them again they bore the same sad uncertainty that Obi-Wan had come to expect when discussions turned to the child that his master rescued from slavery on Tattoine. Clouded, this boy's future is," the Grand Master intoned, but Obi-Wan thought he could detect the slightest trace of sadness in the master's gravelly voice.

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Qui-Gon, however, noticed no such thing, his frustration at the Council's reticence nearly its own presence in the chamber. He stepped forward and placed his hands upon the boy's slender shoulders.

Obi-Wan was not aware that time could actually stop. Yes, he had experienced the rapid pace of minutes when he was enjoying time with friends or sparing with his master. He too had conversely felt the slowed moments of action in dangerous situations when seconds mattered and lives often hung in the balance, but this For when his master spoke those few simple words, time stopped its passage and lost all its meaning.

Existence froze as did something in Obi-Wan's chest. Impossible, to take on a second," Yoda answered, his brow wrinkled in what a few close members of the Council could easily recognize as annoyance. Master Windu was one such person.

When his padawan remained silent, the master continued. There is little more he will learn from me," he finished looking to Yoda for some recognition of his request, but the Grand Master wasn't looking at Qui-Gon. Instead, his gimlet gaze was fixed on the silent and slightly pale figure standing to the right and slightly behind Qui-Gon. Master Windu leaned forward in his seat, the beginnings of concern creeping over his stern expression.

Immediately disquieted by his padawan's continued muteness, Qui-Gon turned to his apprentice simultaneously reaching for their training bond. It was only the result of that brief inspection that the master was able to act in time to catch the young man when his knees buckled and his eyes rolled back in his head.

By the time the two settled on the floor, Obi-Wan was already in the grips of a massive seizure. Qui-Gon held on to him tightly, partly to keep the man from hurting himself, mostly because he felt helpless to do anything more. Somewhere in the background he heard Mace call for a healer and Adi gently guide Anakin away, but Qui-Gon was mostly oblivious to his surroundings.

His focus was on the unconscious young man shaking uncontrollably in his arms. Somewhere deep inside Obi-Wan felt that things were right. Time had lost its meaning, it seemed only appropriate that his world should do the same. Obi-Wan was hardly surprised when he awoke to find himself in the Healer's Ward.The rescue mission goes easier than some others Obi-Wan has been involved in, and when they find Anakin he can't help but feel grateful for that.

Initial exams on the Indomitable reveal burns from Force pikes, whose electrical shocks cause synapses to continue misfiring. Petit mal seizures are Obi-Wan's greeting from his former apprentice. His flesh wrist and ankles are rubbed raw, oozing pus, whip marks cover his back, and something else.

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The medics are hesitant to mention the last, as they lower Anakin into the bacta tank. Anakin remains in bacta until they return to the Temple. Obi-Wan undergoes a Council debriefing while Vokara Che works her considerable talents to heal him further.

Anakin's face is contorted in pain, and Obi-Wan half wants to tell her to stop. Instead, he watches her harness the Force, use it to reset Anakin's disrupted neural functions, watches the pain on his former Padawan's face melt. Sure enough, Anakin's expression darkens. Padme is grateful to have her husband home. So worried during his capture that Obi-Wan would return with news that he couldn't be rescued, that the Separatists had rid the galaxy of the Republic's greatest hero.

But instead, he is alive and seemingly well and they have time together, at last. Anakin drinks more than usual at dinner, and when it comes time to go to bed, he pulls the blankets tightly around himself and doesn't speak. Sparring sessions with her Master always make Ahsoka happy. Even today, when her Master is bleary-eyed and cranky, she's still pleased to have some of his time, especially when she had been so sure she'd never see him again. He merely grunts at her, and ignites his own, settling into the opening posture for Djem So.

She gains the upper hand quickly. Anakin is distracted, easily thrown off-balance. She is able to come up behind him and when she does, he throws her across the room with the Force, harder than he would have if he'd remembered it was only her, and she would never harm him.

Anakin tells him he's going out, taking the speeder to clear his head. Obi-Wan doesn't say no, though he knows he should, especially when Anakin does not return before nightfall and calls to Senator Amidala prove fruitless. Obi-Wan stays up, wondering when he reverted into the role he'd played when Anakin was a teenager. The door slams open, and Anakin trips in, a phosphorescent bottle of blue liquor in his hand.

The door slams closed again, and Anakin jumps, puts a finger to his lips, "Shhh," he says to nobody, "Don't wanna wake Mas'er Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan decides he's had enough of the spectacle.

He wants to talk about this.

Wants to assure Anakin that whatever happened at Dooku's hands, it is not Anakin's fault, that it will heal. But Anakin is drunk, and Obi-Wan knows better than to try a serious conversation under those circumstances. When Anakin is with her, Padme no longer knows how to act. He is jumpy, irritable, but won't tell her why. He won't let her trace the scars on his back, or rub his arms, or run her fingers through his hair. When they are together, he barely touches her, and pulls away when she touches him.

Anakin does not appear hungover, but Obi-Wan wouldn't be surprised if he was. Good as new and all that.

star wars fanfiction anakin seizure

Interrogation, regular old torture, nothing I haven't been through before. Ahsoka doesn't know what to do. Her Master takes her to dinner at Dex's, picks at his food, drinks too much.

She drives them back to the Temple in his speeder, and parks, staring at him.

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